It is a model of service, in which experienced and high-level executives assume the temporary management of one or more departments within an organization

The interim manager has a defined deadline to complete his project, such as implementing methodologies, reviewing processes, training employees and mapping successors for key positions

It represents an accelerator of efficiency, once this model allows freedom for the interim manager to promote changes in the organizational structure, that are often difficult to internally implement

The executive leaves the company as soon as the goals are achieved and the stability and continuity of the operations are assured

Advantages of Interim Management
  • Suitable for the company that plans to go to new markets, create business units or develop specific projects and does not have skilled or sufficiently experienced managers in its staff

  • The interim managers have similar and successful previous experiences, assuring objectivity and commitment to the mission assigned to them 

  • By having technical knowledge and actual experience in their area of expertise, the interim managers start performing, without having to be trained by the company 

  • The interim managers have no employment relationship with the organization which enables the integration with the employees of the area where they will work, focusing on the result and return of investment

Why contract interim management services?
  • Temporary replacement of an effective executive, covering his absence in cases of work leave and medical leave


  • Conduct a specific project, with limited duration


  • To have the support of executives with greater seniority or with specific technical knowledge in start-up companies, mergers / acquisitions or organizational changes, offering guidance to the teams


  • Facilitate agility to the business, bringing new knowledge and resources


  • Implement changes in the organizational structure that are often difficult to internally execute, allowing for questioning based on a critical analysis and free from emotional ties to the business

Executives rigorously selected to act as interim managers
  • innovativa has rigorous internal processes to select experienced executives and it also has a partnership with STATO


  • STATO is a Talent Management Consultancy, with experience in executive recruitment, organizational development or career transition, acting in all cycles of professionals in organizations, identifying, developing and caring for people to achieve their professional and personal goals and consequently of organizations


  • The professionals currently attending the STATO outplacement programs and who are interested in acting as Interim Managers, have their data made available to the talent base of innovativa, being part of a select group of executives ready to make a positive impression to the market

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